Ok .. so I’m gonna tell ya wot happened 2day ..

As usual … I got up early to get on tumblr .. to see wot’s new ;D and after this studying … I learned the new biology lesson . It was too easy I think ;xx

And then I had to go to school earlier because we got sports before starting the lessons . SO I went out in 11 am.

After getting there at 11:50 … Some classmates were going down the stairs and told me we’re going off from school because the teacher said we had to be there by 11:30 O.O OMO .. I even don’t play in class because I’m permitted to O.O I got heart disease .. so it’s not good for my health .. and even this didn’t stop the teacher to write down that I wasn’t there for two hours O.O

So it wasn’t just me who didn’t know that we had to be there by 11:30 .. So we decided not to go to school the whole day O.O
So I went home with a friend , Vessy , and we were tidying up at home ;D cuz my cousin was coming heh ~ It was a great time and we had fun while cleaning around ;D
Then when the time when we had to be off from school she went home .
After an hour she called me and told me that the teacher called her parents to go to school because there were 13 students from our class who didn’t go to school today . OMO … how can this be possible … we’re so like .. in trouble

My parents will kill me if they find out  that O.O Even my grades in recent weeks ;xx But instead of my parents .. my dad’s close friend was like shouting at me on the phone =.= I feel so bad atm ;xx

I’m soooo disappointed of myself ;xx

posted at 10:03 pm on Friday, Jun 03

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